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Release Time05/01/2019
Style NumberM47241
TitleMAXPOWER 1/2-Inch Sq Drive 600mm Breaker Bar Flex Handle, 600mm/24-Inch, Silver
CategryDIY & Tools > Power, Garden & Hand Tools > Hand Tools > Spanners & Wrenches > Socket Wrenches

Special features:

1. Do not try to use other tools to increase the function of the lever of the torque wrench.
2. You can only loosen or tighten the tail bolt of the handle by hand.
3. When storing it must be set to the position with the lowest torque value for storage. Do not set it below the lowest torque value.
4. When the key is not used for a long time, it is necessary to operate several times with a low torque value to allow the internal lubricant to lubricate the internal parts again.
5. Clean the key with a clean, dry cloth. Do not immerse in any type of liquid or detergent.

Bullet PointFUNCTION- Tighten precisely by decoupling, breaks nuts and bolts rusted or glued. The spring ball bearing holds the socket wrench.
FLEXIBLE DRIVE HEAD- The 180-degree and 1/2-inch flexible drive head allows you to work at any angle.
EASY TO USE- 1/2-inch drive head delivers up to 512N.m(378lb.ft) of torque. Suitable for heavy-duty works. It is not recommended to use a force-adding bar.
QUALITY CR-V MATERIAL- Loosen the nuts and bolts that are rusty or stuck. Made of forged steel and cured with chrome vanadium.
COMFORTABLE GRIP- Handle of this Wheel Nut Spanner Bar with molded and rounded profile for a comfortable grip.